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A Comprehensive Guide For Players Visiting Salgados Golf Course

The Salgados Golf Course is an 18- hole course set over the flat terrains at the back of Praia de Gale sandy beach. The natural environment of the course makes it resemble with the usual Links Course with an additional plus point of the sun. The course opens its arms to little vegetation in the area along with water hazards. You have to be a technically trained golfer to attain great score from your round that is often affected by the breeze prevailing onshore.

Water surroundings

Located in one among the best territories of Algarve between Armação de Pera and Albufeira, Salgados Golf Course is one of the most picturesque golf courses of Portugal. The wide range of lakes and closeness to the sea makes this course an interesting exam for your golf skills. Salgados belongs to the Nau group that incorporates two more golf courses: Alamos golf course and Morgado golf course.

Challenging and testing golf course

If you want to reach the greens, you have to cross the water hazards. Although the course is not very vast, you will need to apply all your skills to arrive at the greens. There are yellow tees to make sure that you enjoy your round of golf to the fullest. If you feel more convinced, you can also try your hand at the white tees. Your drive has to be very accurate to attain great scores, which makes the Salgados Golf Course a lovely experience, particularly if you are a skilled golfer.

The 18 golf holes of the course are designed in perfect synchrony with each other. Half of the golf course consists of two holes with par5 expanded in 500 meters along with two holes with par3 expanded in over 170 meters.

Natural beauty

The Salgados Golf Course was renovated in the year 2012 under the supervision of Álvaro Mano, a landscape artist. The renovation included restructuring of the 18th hole and planting of more than 1000 olive trees to strengthen their attributes of Links Course. Even though it is a relatively smaller golf course, Salgados is replete with sea breezes to make sure that the golfers do not feel the lack of challenges. The golf course makes a perfect place for a day out with your family or group of friends.


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