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4 Short Game Secrets From Professional Golfers

Secrets of hitting more greens successfully revealed

The quickest way to get lower scores is to have a neat short game. You need to have powerful skill to make excellent pitch and chip shots. And with proper chipping, you will not be under pressure to hit each green. However, proper chipping actually helps you hit more greens. Here are three secrets to help you master the short game and get low scores

Chipping it is

Some of the best scores a player makes is by hitting less than 50 percent of the green areas. So the secret here is mastering the right technique. The post impact chicken wing posture is a classic position, which makes your lift the golf ball instead of allowing the wedge loft to have its own momentum. For a good sturdy chipping contact, you should keep the club head in a very low position post impact. You should never lift or pull up your hands.

To achieve this, you need to keep your wrists and hands quiet by using a special grip. Use your left hand to grip the club, and put the right hand over it on the side. Now fold in the grip into index finger and thumb fold. This will help you know the right chip stroke easily.

Low shot

For the low shot, you can use a variation, which is using a vertical shaft. This helps to de-loft your wedge on impact, but the wedge is used more as a putter keeping the ball at a low position. Low chip shot works well only when the wrist hinge is limited in the backswing and when you finish. The hands should be quiet all through the shot. This type of low shot comes in handy, when you need to make a shot that needs plenty of roll out and very little carry distance.

Medium shot

For medium shot, you need to keep your hands quiet as in the low shot, but rotate the body. Keep the wrists without much hinging and keep club head low on backswing and in the follow through. Shoulders and hips should open through impact to get a better shot. Upper body should be rotated instead of fingers and hands.

High shot

For this shot, take a high shot position and lower the hands to get the shaft in a flat plane. This allows better wrist hinge, so the ball is hit higher. In this shot, the upper part of the body is used for creating momentum and not the hands.

When you practice the above drills, you can easily overcome a difficult shot and improve your technique too.


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    Peter C.

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