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A Perfect Golf Practice Drill To Improve Your Shots

The time factor

There are many practice drills you can perform to improve your golf game. All of them will help with some element of your swing. However, we have to think about time and the fact that we are not professional golfers who can dedicate all day to practicing. This article aims to answer the question: "What is the one drill that will give us 80% of the results with only 20% of inputs?"

There two golf drills that I believe will benefit every golfer. They are both cheap, easy to perform and don't require any expensive equipment.

The beach ball drill

All you need for this drill is a beach ball (a football will suffice but a beach ball is ideal). You need the beach ball inflated to 75-80%, having too much pressure in the ball will add difficulty to the drill.

The objective is to trap the beach ball between your knees and hit golf shots. Having the beach ball will force you to keep your lower body stable during the swing. You want to make sure that as you start down your downswing, you separate the knees and let the beach ball go. Doing this will allow your right knee to "fire" towards the target as you hit the ball.

Only use the beach ball drill when you are hitting 7-irons/8-irons. The beach ball drill is not designed for drives or for shorter pitch shots.

The alignment drill

All you need is for this drill is three of your clubs. First, put a club down along the line of your toes as you stand to the ball. Second, lay a club on the other side of the golf ball parallel with the first club. Lastly, put a club behind the ball pointing through the ball towards the target. Remember to leave enough space for you to take the club back on your backswing. About a foot and a half to two feet behind the ball will give you sufficient room. Laying three clubs on the ground in this way will create a "box effect" that will ensure that your alignment is perfect every time you hit a shot during practice.

Recommended dose

You can use the alignment drill every time you hit shots on the driving range. For the beach ball drill however, you want to hit no more than 50 shots every session.


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