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5 Golf Drills That Can Take Your Pitching Skills To A New Level

Underhand Drill

This routine helps a golfer to practice the follow-through movements. Choose different targets in different parts of the golf course. Roll a golf ball underhand, directed towards each target. Observe the movement of your strong arm, hand, and body when you roll the ball. After few attempts, try to hit the ball with a wedge to reach different targets.

40-yard pitching drill

It is a great method to acquire basic skills of hitting golf shots when you hold the club with only one hand. Ensure that the movement of your arm is perfectly aligned with the body rotation in order to create the loft height at impact.

The practice drill will also help you maintain a good rhythm when you play the swing shot.

7-8-9 drill

If you wish to cover a particular distance in a single shot, you must practice this routine. The swing speed and ball flight trajectory must match the desired distance. It is essential to learn about the follow-through when you wish to hit a perfect pitch shot. You must always try to hit a short backswing following with a long follow-through. You can relate the angle of attack with the hands of a clock, especially the hour hand. Swing the arms at a position equal to 9’o clock when you take the backswing; the follow-through should place your arms in the position of the hour hand at 3’o clock. The distance covered by the ball on the golf green can be related to the position of the hour hand at 7, 8, and 9 ‘o clock. The swing must be associated with specific speed and appropriate follow through in order to hit the perfect pitch shot.

Mirror L Drill

Hold the club shaft with neutral grip aligned with the target line; you must adopt the correct posture at address as well. When you take the backswing, your left hand must be parallel with the aim. The shaft should be perpendicular to the left arm and you must bend your wrists when you take the backswing. The shoulders rotate up to 70 degrees and you must place majority of the body weight on the right foot. Transfer your weight to the other foot when you take the downswing.

Target Drill

You must place targets at various places on the golf course in order to practice the pitch shot. First practice with targets placed at a closer range and gradually increase the distance of the target line.


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