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Getting the ball from the tee to the pin with the least number of shots, dodging trees, bunkers, lakes, and other hazards requires more than just raw muscle power. It takes skill and technique to master this tough game that demands a high degree of accuracy from the players.

Unlike other sports, wasteful muscle and body movement will seriously affect the shot and the gameplay. Even beginners are expected to be well versed in the fundamentals of the game. Golf enthusiasts can learn the game from many sources; taking golf lessons from a golf instructor is the most popular choice. But, you can’t turn to the instructor for tips and techniques every single time you need assistance. Those who are eager to keep learning new techniques and are on the lookout for tips to become a better player can find help at the below given three websites.

The website believes more in useful content than on appearance. The interface of this site is simple and easy to navigate. The tips and technical information here are more valuable than gold. The website does more than offer information on golf and golf courses, it also advises visitors on where to find tips, tricks, and videos on everything related to golf.

Visit the website and search for a particular golf shot. You’ll be presented with articles and videos categorized into various degrees of difficulty. Click on the one that’ll be of help to you and go to the page with the article or video. The lessons, tips, and tutorials on the website are certified. Most of the information provided on this site is offered by the experienced golf instructors.

Learn about Golf

The second website we recommend is ‘learn about’, which is equally good as the previously discussed site. The website has a special section for the novices that can be accessed by clicking the ‘Beginner Info’ menu on the horizontal navigation bar on the top of the page. Moreover, there is a special section for senior golfers as well. Learn about Golf also carries an excellent online golf shop that has the best and the latest list of golf equipment.

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A separate section of the famous ‘’ is dedicated to the sport of golf, and it’s very comprehensive. The website serves visitors golf tips, instructions, video tutorials, and the latest news about everything related to golf. The site also has a special section for beginners.


  • No more hesitation on where to go next time I want to play golf. I plan my vacations with the stone-like confidence that I go to the best golf link possible. Thanks for teaching me the art of the right choices!

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