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Little-Known Golf Tricks You Can Use When Losing The Game

Golfers that play well can experience times of loss on the green. In many cases it comes down to confidence and how you feel about your play ability. There are many things you can do off the course to help prepare your game. But, when on the course and things aren’t going as well as you hoped, it can be a bad feeling that can affect your play. Here are some tips to help you stay on your game even when you are losing.

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. People make mistakes and it could hurt your positive energy while on the course. Don’t dwell on what you could have done. Keep moving forward and know that with each hole you play you will get better and become more experienced. You will always have another opportunity to do better.
  • Don’t be so critical about what you do when on the course. You may take some mental notes about the play, but don’t be so obvious while around others. Try to avoid hurting your confidence and think about aspects you know you can do well.
  • Visualize. If you are confident in your abilities you should be able to see yourself making the shot. It helps in considering good aspects about your play, the routine you have to help prepare, and you can keep yourself grounded with realistic perspective. You are more likely to approach the play with a positive mindset and even do better than you thought next time around.
  • Take a look at your pre-shot routine and consider what could be improved. This aspect can help in approaching the shot with the right mind set and give a heads up on what will happen before you hit the ball.
  • Find something to focus on when you make a bad shot. The golf course has different elements of nature such as trees, plush greens and the blue sky. Looking at something pleasant after making a poor shot can help you regroup and reduce risk of thinking or saying something negative. From here move on to the next shot and don’t dwell on it; learn from it.
  • Think about what you did well on previous plays. You may have had other success that can be a form of motivation. You did well before so experiencing a loss is just a setback.
  • Have confidence in yourself and believe. Be determined to do well the next time and keep trying!


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