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4 Factors To Consider While Planning A Group Golf Vacation In Lisbon

Acting on a sudden impulse it’s very much possible to pick up your travel bag, golf kit, and fly to any golf destination for a solo vacation. But, the same isn’t a choice in case of group golf vacation. With more members in a group, you’ve to also consider off the course activities as well. And then there is the budget, travelling, accommodation, and other factors to consider. To have a truly memorable experience you need to consider the following 4 crucial factors while planning a group vacation in Lisbon.


This is one of the most difficult factors to manage while on a golf vacation. You may find a number of affordable vacation packages online and offline, but in a large number of cases, if it appears too good to be true, then actually it may not be true. It’s very important to check the finer details of the package – what are you paying for, what is covered and what is not, etc. Almost all travel portals offer discounts for group travelers. Discuss with the group members about the various golf vacation packages for your trip to Lisbon and after a thorough consultation, make a decision.

Off the course activities

Even though the main goal of your group is to play golf in the world class courses in Lisbon, when you’re with a bunch of people, each with different needs, it’s very essential to partake in other activities as well. Certainly visiting popular scenic attractions in Lisbon should be one of them. The city of Lisbon offers plenty recreational activities. Find out what they are and don’t forget to add them to your itinerary.

When to visit Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the most favored golf destinations. Hence, you can certainly expect the city to be congested during the golf season. Though a solo traveler can manage to find accommodation, it won’t be so easy for group holiday makers to find quality hotels and resorts. As an alternative, try planning your golf vacation during the off-season.

Travel arrangements

While searching for a resort or other accommodation its ideal to choose a place that’s close to the golf courses the group is planning to visit. This is important because you don’t want to spend too much time on travel. Consider the various travel options available in Lisbon; car/van for hire service would be perfect for group travelers. Ideally, decisions on how the group is going to commute from hotel to golf course and to other places must be decided even before the bags are packed.


  • No more hesitation on where to go next time I want to play golf. I plan my vacations with the stone-like confidence that I go to the best golf link possible. Thanks for teaching me the art of the right choices!

    Peter C.

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