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Free Golf Instruction On Hitting A Soft Splash Shot

Tips to make bunker shots less daunting

A bunker shot can be played in two ways using a sand wedge. You either use a square clubface with its leading edge digging into sand or open the clubface to just skim through with a small bounce on the sand. The latter way is popularly called as splash shot or explosion shot. Here are instructions on how to hit the soft splash shot

  1. Open the clubface in such a way that it points at the target. Now grip the club and keep the face completely open. A deep bunker will make way for a more open clubface.
  2. Keep your stance open with your shoulders pointing to the left side of the target about 10 feet and at an angle of 20 degrees. With the open clubface, the ball would shoot rightwards, so you need to align leftward to counter it.
  3. The ball should be just inside your front heel.
  4. Stand with your feet deep in the sand. This is to get better balance. Flex your legs to lower the center of gravity. This gives easier swing force and a solid base that eliminates slipping.
  5. Execute the wrist break early as when you do a chipping shot. Hold this on the upswing position too.
  6. The swing direction should be parallel to your feet and not the target line. The path should be outwards to in. When you downswing, accelerate all the while maintaining your wrist break.
  7. The bounce should skim the sand just as you would do with a divot on sand. The club head should hit the sand precisely two inches from behind your ball. When you don’t release it on impact, the clubface remains open, when it hits the sand
  8. Follow through in a smooth way and when you finish your hands should be held high.

While playing, ensure you play your shot with your body weight held back from the swing to make it shallow and get the shot right. Bunker shots vary and knowing how to hit each type helps you better you scores. The firmness of sand determines the type of shot you take.

Before taking a bunker shot, feel the sand with the club and test the consistency. You will know about the texture and depth this way. In rain, sand gets compacted, and this will influence your shot greatly. Similarly, you should also note on how dry the bunkers are all through the round.


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