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Golf For Dummies: A Collection Of Essential Drills

Practice is not just a word in golf; it implies much more than just reaching the golf course and attempting a few swings. You have to be aware of the right set of skills, techniques, and drills to reach your best potential of the game. You can enhance your skills by working on just a few areas of golf every time you reach the golf course. Let us go through a few golf drills to reach the goal:

Improve the rhythm in the swing

Position at least six tees on the golf course at a distance of 5 inches from one another. Now swing your golf club to gently strike the top of every tee one by one. This drill is used to improve the control of your golf club along with the swing rhythm.

Drill to improve the balance of your swing

You must check if your body is properly balanced when you execute your swing. You can check it by keeping a small coin on the tip of your shoe when you swing. If you cannot hold the coin in place, it implies that your body is not balanced properly for a powerful and accurate swing. You can also check it by asking a friend to push you a little during your downswing or backswing. It you lose your balance because of the push, you need to modify your stance and position of your body for a better balance.

To strengthen the muscles for swing

You can develop a smooth golf swing with this drill. You can practice the swing using the clubs that are weighted down for building your swing muscles to help create more force in the swing. By using two golf clubs at a time, you can practice this drill.

To improve the backswing

You will be able to rotate your arms better with this drill and keep the trailing arm nearer to your body. Without using the golf club, keep the hands together to make a backswing, but do not allow your hands to separate. When you keep the hands close, you can raise your arm’s rotation to perform the backswing. The feeling of stretch you sense in this pose is how the backswing must feel. You can also slip a golf cover under your armpit of the trailing arm. Now perform a swing and do not allow the golf cover to fall.


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