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5 Putting Distance Control Tips For New Golfers

Understanding distance control as a golfer is important. There are times distance control plays a big role in your ability to play within par. It is a good to have a pre-putting routine to help you understand distance. Yet, some amateurs may spend a little too much time trying to figure out how the ball will travel. Think about the line the ball will travel but also, the weight of your club head. You can control movement of the club head and utilize the weight to help you get the ball in line to create a great shot. Here are 5 tips to help you control putting distance.

  1. Know how to read the line of ball travel to help you understand distance. The line of ball travel is simply the line the ball moves across to help it reach the target. You are predicting where you feel the ball will move and how you hit it determines how close you will achieve your intended outcome.
  2. Try to have an aim that is several inches past the hole. You may have a general area you want the ball to land or stop moving. Consider aiming just a few inches past the hole. This could help you get closer to the hole and give a better idea of how much power is necessary behind the ball.
  3. Use practice strokes to help you prepare for the shot. Focus on your target as you complete strokes. The practice strokes help you mentally and physically prepare for the shot. Use this time to think about your target, the plane your club should swing on, and the line the ball will travel once you make contact.
  4. As you practice think about actually hitting the ball to your target. Think about your length of stroke (short or long) and how it should be just right. Practicing has a few elements to consider you may not think about when you take your final shot. The target helps determine the length of your stroke.
  5. Consider practicing with strokes too long or too short to understand where you should be when you take your final shot. This is a good time to purposely make your strokes long and short. You will feel and see a difference while getting clarity on how to get into position to produce a good result.


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