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Places To Search For Good Golf Break Deals At Pestana Silves Golf Course

Silves Golf Course is one of the five important golf courses in Pestana. The golf course offers fantabulous mountain views. The olive groves, palm trees, citrus farms and cork farms surrounding the course give it a wonderful ambience that is genuine Portuguese.

The course is located near Monchique Mountain and boasts water hazards in plenty on both sides. Low handicaps will find the course a big challenge, but it is an enjoyable course for high handicaps, provided they focus on the play. Professionals like Silves the best as it has a good selection of par 5 and par 3 holes.

Players need strategic shots to get the desired outcome. The golf course design inspires players to take risky shots, but for those who love a challenge, it is the perfect spot to indulge. Players require powerful precision to play a good game here.

The exacting game play that Pestana Silves Golf Course offers for golf enthusiasts makes it an excellent golf break. The Silves Golf Course has the Clubhouse that offers a variety of services that entertain and relax golfers after a challenging day at the course. There are other hotels and resorts situated nearby that offer great golf break deals. Here are some places to search for the best golf break deals here.

  • Get expert advice: Since golfing vacation is about playing the best game in a wide range of golf courses, you need to find the right place which will give you information on the course and its difficulty rating. A reputed golf tour operator will know about all information you need from traveling to the course, accommodation and relaxation.
  • Group offers: If you are planning on traveling with fellow golfers, you can research online for discounts and freebie offers for golf groups at Pestana Silves golf resort.
  • Read reviews online: Online golf review sites are best places to know about the deals and discounts and other details that would make your golf break an enjoyable and satisfactory one.
  • Go for package deals: Instead of a DIY package, consider opting for the various golf packages offered in the region. This will be great value for your money and further all the details of your trip will be taken care of, leaving you to enjoy the trip hassle free.

And while looking for golf break deals try including other entertainment features such as spa breaks or a sight-seeing trip nearby, so you can have wholesome enjoyment during your golf break in Silves golf course.


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