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How To Avoid The Push Shot In Golf: 5 Points To Consider

At times in any golf game, you may end up pushing the ball and it lands in a totally different direction completely. You may find that instead of curving, the ball has gone off straight ahead. This push shot or the block can be avoided with the following five steps:

Slow down your hips

When you sway too much to the right on the backswing, your body compensates for this by swinging to the left on the downswing. Thus your arms are ahead of the golf ball when you are about to take the shot and thus you are not able to control the club as well as the ball. What you need to do is to slow down your hips when swinging and try to avoid letting your hips sway towards any side when taking the shot. This allows you to release your hands and take the perfect shot.

Keep a narrow stance

When you move your lower body faster than your upper body, you tend to drop your golf club way inside and thus you end pushing the ball. An ideal way to correct this would be to practice keeping your lower body stable by keeping a narrow stance. This will help you get the perfect and precise timing for the ideal shot.

Don’t place the ball too far back

Try to keep the ball positioned in your target line so that you can hit the shot straight towards your target. Often what happens in the push shot is that you tend to place the ball too far back and thus it meets the clubface too early and lands up going right of the target line. If you are using a short wedge, place the ball in the middle of your stance. If you are using a longer club, you should place it near your left foot.

Align yourself right of the target line

You should always keep your shoulders, feet and hips towards to the right of the target line so that you can maintain proper contact with the golf ball. Keep your club in your left hand so that your shoulders are not too wide and thus you will not end up pushing the ball.

Don’t swing to the left

If you swing the ball to the left, you may end up playing the shot at half of its strength as the swing arc only reaches its full potential once the ball has been hit and not when you strike it. Avoid positioning yourself to the left and keep aiming towards your target line. Try not to sway left on the downswing as well.


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