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Getting Out Of A Greenside Bunker – Fundamental Advice

Practice gives the best edge

Unlike a professional golf player who is adept at greenside bunker golf shots, the average golf player does not practice such shots. But this is important because you can gain control of your trajectory, spin and distance in a better way than with a greenside rough. The body rotation rate, face angle and entry point are the three key factors to be changed to get this right. To get out from greenside bunker, more practice is necessary. Here are some fundamental tips.

Tip #1: Forward stance

The ball needs to be played forward from the central part of your usual stance. This is to get more bounce and trailing edge of your club head. This helps you to skim through, instead of digging through sand.

Secondly, this improves the lift of clubface. The ball height is increased, so it clears the bunker lip easily. When you place the ball too backward, the forward lean is too far causing leading edge. This will result in a digging shot, instead of skimming shot.

Tip #2: Vertical shaft

Make sure the shaft is vertical or inclined back a bit. Your weight should be in the front with the sternum being positioned before the ball. When you suspend the golf club at the sternum level, it should align or be slightly before the ball. With a backward tilted sternum, you will be hitting too behind the golf ball.

Tip #3: Open clubface

Insufficient opening of clubface can put you into trouble. This can happen with excessive club face opening too. The right way to open clubface is gripping the club with pressure on the bottom part of your grip with right hand and holding hand at waist level. The leading edge should be square. A quarter clubface turn will get it open. Now place the left hand as usual and slide the right hand into position.

With open clubface, your trailing edge(skidder) will be nearer the ground and leading edge(digger) away from sand. Lead with this skidding clubface, so your trailing edge contacts the sand, skids under the golf ball and exits from the front of your golf ball. Bad, fried egg or half buried lie positions are those where you will use the digger or leading edge.

In a bunker shot, you need to hit behind the golf ball purposely to move sand towards the green to get the ball out from the bunker. It is sufficient to hit about one to four inches from behind the golf ball. You need to give anadequately big swing to get it out.


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    Peter C.

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