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How Do You Handle The Boavista Golf Course?

Boavista Golf Course is in the city of Algarve which is famous for its Golf Courses in the whole world. Just like the other Golf courses of this city, Boavista is also an amazing course that should be experienced by the Golfers. Mostly people come to this course during their Golf Breaks and have fun with or without their families in this elegant city. The name completely tells you about the surroundings and breathtaking view of this course. It is surrounded by mountains and pine trees with a few Date Trees and some of the holes lie on the mountain making it difficult for the golfers. Here is some information about the Boavista Golf Course which you should know before paying a visit.

  • The Golf course has a total length of around 6.14 Kilometers. This length is completely utilized during Championships. Normally, during the routine days, the length for men is 5.25 Kilometers while that for women is 4.71 Kilometers.
  • The Course rating in the PGA is 71.1 while the slope is rated to be 131. The course rating is this high due to the difficulty levels it has to offer and the location and its wonderful surroundings.
  • The Golf course has its own dress codes. You can only wear Golf Shoes or Short Spikes while in the course. Polo Shirt is preferred with Trousers or shorts within the premises of this Golf course.
  • It offers Buggies and has a club house where you can easily rent a set of clubs. It has restaurants where you can Dine in if you are hungry or need some refreshments.

Map of the course

The Holes are different than the normal course. First hole is at a downwards slope which requires technique when it comes to the power you hit the ball with. The second hole is near to that on the same level while for the third hole, you will again have to climb up the mountain, making it difficult again. The fourth hole becomes more difficult as there is a wall of trees between the hole and the Tee position, which blocks your view. The fifth hole requires high precision as you should not land away from the green because it will put you in serious trouble. The eighth hole has a scenic view and is enjoyable. The next few holes are considerably easy. Then comes the thirteenth hole which is at the top and provides an amazing view from the top of the mountain.


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