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A Collection Of Tried And True Mental Game Tips For Golfers

You must have heard the elder golfers say that the game of golf is 90% mental. It may be slightly exaggerated term, but it is true your thoughts play an important role in your score. No doubt, that you have to be physically fit to play well, but you cannot underestimate the power of your mind in this game. The experts have golf have mentioned these mental tips for golfers who have began exploring golf:

Enjoy the present

Our fast- paced lives make it so difficult to enjoy the present, but just think about the future. The golfers often have a tendency to think about holes that they are going to play or have already played. Both these things distract their thoughts. If you cannot put your mistakes behind you, you need to make efforts forget them and play well for the forthcoming holes.

Know yourself

Are you obsessed with golf? Is your day ruined if you do not play well in your round of golf? Do you read and think about golf all day? This means that golf does not fit well in your life. You need to play it like a sport rather than making it an obsession. You can try other sports such as tennis, basketball, etc. that demand your equal attention.

Play the difficult shots

Embrace the challenge of difficult shots to enhance your skills rather than shying away from them. Whenever you face a troublesome shot, play it, even if you do not perform well. It will give toughness to your mind and you will know how you can play it better next time.

Be flexible

Your mind has to be equally flexible like your body. You can work on the mental fitness of your mind by adapting well to various conditions and golf courses. For instance, you can try playing rain next time without complaining and adjusting to the challenging conditions better.

Rethink your clubs

You can think flexibly with your golf clubs as well. Just because you are told that you have to use a sand wedge in a bunker, it does not mean you have to do it every time. You can cultivate imaginative thinking and try the shot with a different golf club.


Do not get excited or depressed with one or the other shots. Try playing all of them with equal mental balance to achieve more stability.


  • No more hesitation on where to go next time I want to play golf. I plan my vacations with the stone-like confidence that I go to the best golf link possible. Thanks for teaching me the art of the right choices!

    Peter C.

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