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The Key To Hitting A Good Approach Shot In The Wind

As the season changes and the weather get chilly and windy, it becomes a lot harder for golfers to tackle approach shots. Imagine that you’re just about 80-100 yards from the hole, but hitting into 40-50 km head wind. How would you negotiate the tough windy conditions and hit a good approach shot. There are a few key points you should know; we shall discuss them below.

Carry more clubs

Windy conditions are not either normal or ideal; it puts doubt in the mind of the golfer. It’s natural to get confused what club to use and the type of shot to playing in windy conditions. Be wise, when in doubt take with you a couple of extra clubs. By carrying more clubs you increase the chance of getting a lot closer to the hole.

Position the ball in back of your stance

While hitting an approach shot into the wind the idea is to create less back spin so that the ball spends less time in the air and travels closer to the ground. This requires the ball to be placed closer to the trailing foot. Make sure the ball is positioned back in your stance.

Swing easy

Many low handicappers who have made a name playing on the links, where the course is open and the conditions windy, advise golfers to swing easy. Using a full swing will only increase the backspin on the ball, which causes the ball to go high in the air, thereby increasing the chance of the ball being affected by the strong winds. By taking an easy swing and not imparting too much power on the ball, you ensure that the ball stays lower and closer to the ground. Most experts agree that while playing approach shot in the wind the more it rolls on the ground the better.

Shorter follow-through

Experienced golfers like Paul Azinger advice players to use a strong grip and turn, to keep the ball closer to the grass. He also prefers hitting the ball with a short follow-through to limit the elevation on the ball. Keep in mind that by hitting the ball low (i.e.) under the wind, you’ve better control over it. The ball will travel in the direction you aimed and it’ll get there quicker.

There are many golf courses that have bunkers or water hazards bordering the green, these obstacles make the approach stroke even harder. By learning to control the ball in windy conditions, you also prevent the ball from being carried towards the bunker or water hazard.


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