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Some Advice To Help You Hit More Accurate Shots With Your Irons

Standard sets of irons come from 3 iron to wedge with a sand wedge and increasingly a lob wedge meaning that up to 10 clubs in a bag that is allowed 14 are irons. Many mid amateurs and casual golfers have actually discarded 3 and sometimes 4 iron in favour of a rescue club and a more forgiving fairway wood but it still means that good iron play will always make a significant contribution to every round of golf. You must be comfortable with your set if you are to score as you would wish.

The first perquisite in hitting accurate iron shots is to have a set that you are comfortable with. Each iron in a set will be matched but that does not mean you should not try 5, 7 and 9 before deciding that you are happy. The specialist lob and sand wedges may even be from a different manufacturer.

Some irons are more forgiving than others. Most good golfers opt for blades but cavity back irons are far more sympathetic for use by weekend golfers and they should be the choice every time, whatever the manufacturer.

No one is going to consistently hit accurate irons if they don’t practice. It is unrealistic to turn up at the course once a week, walk on to the first tee and expect that you will take the course by storm. Practice involves using every club of course and the more you practice the more proficient you should become.

A fourth tip applies to every shot you play; you need to be relaxed, have a clear mind and a picture of what you want to achieve. Pick your target and go for it.

There is more to it so what other tips apply to hitting accurate irons?

  • You need to understand how your overall swing feels. It involves the rotation of your body as you take your backswing, the downswing, impact and follow through with your hands and arms working in sync with your shoulders and hips.
  • Ultimately a solid contact is what will help with accuracy. You need to strike down on the ball which will have the consequence of your taking a divot slightly in front of where the ball was lying. Your weight will have transferred to your front as you have played the shot and hopefully the ball is on its path to where you want it to be.
  • Shape is important. Good players can usually draw or fade the ball as required. It is a lot to do with your stance, slightly open for a fade and closed for a draw. Certainly if you think you need this alternative in your armoury it’s off to the practice ground again.


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