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How And When To Have An Open Stance While Playing Golf

When you are planning to hit or tee off the golf ball from the fairway, you must keep your front shoulder facing your target so that you may align yourself squarely. The front foot is below the front shoulder so that you can hit the golf ball with appropriate accuracy and power. But sometimes, you might have to open the stance in order to make your ball fly towards the target or keep away from a difficult spot at the course.

Purpose of an open stance

If you are a right handed golfer, an open stance will turn your body to the left side of the target. Your arms will be encouraged to swing leftwards to produce a fade or a slice. If you are aiming to hit the ball into a hole which is shot straight to the green, you might want to avoid it. However, if you are standing in a left rough and you see that the hole is on your right side, you will need to hit the ball in a way that it travels left to right to reach the greens. It is one among the main purposes of playing with an open stance.

What should you consider?

When you are about to hit the ball from a bunker, you must try playing with an open stance. It will give your ball and extra spin if you are using a wedge. The extra spin helps because when you are hitting from a bunker, you aim to hit the sand at the back of the ball, not exactly the ball. The additional spin helps to transport the ball above the lip of the bunker. When you can manage to move the ball on the left of the flagstick, you will notice that it will roll on the right once it reaches the green.

When should you do it?

  • If you intend to hit the ball from left to right from the short rough or the fairway, you must take an open stance with your normal swing. You will see your ball going from left to right and reach the green.
  • When you are taking a chip shot, you can open your stance to acquire a spotless follow through which will let the golf ball reach the green if you are chipping from a distance of 50-80 yards.
  • When you are hitting the ball from a very short distance, you must use a lob or gap wedge. At this point, opening your stance might enable you to acquire the high finish which permits you to obstruct the ball with the help of a backspin.

Do not make it a habit to open your stance for all kinds of shots. You might end up slicing the ball.


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