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How To Make A Good Transition When Hitting A Golf Shot 

How do you often transition when you hit the golf shot? Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever even taken time to think about the possibilities? There are so many players out there who never really consider things like this. In fact, you can pretty much be sure that there are players who do not even know the first thing about transition. For such players, it is really difficult to assist them, but all hope is not lost just yet. In this world there is never a bad time to learn something. Each and every day is a chance for you to learn something new, something that will help you achieve success.

Before you are ready to learn, one of the first things that you need to do is make sure that you know the mistakes that you are making. For the transition, first you will need to take a video of yourself playing, then use this to analyze your style of play and determine where you are making mistakes, and how you can improve on the same.

With that in mind, the following are some good ideas that can help you make a really good transition when you are playing that shot in golf:

  • Stay relaxed at the address
  • Go back low and slowly
  • Relax the shot at the top
  • Do not hit, just swing

Stay relaxed at the address

For a lot of players, they normally are tensed up when they are delivering this shot. It is important that you learn to keep your nerves cool and calm when you are working on delivering this shot. This will also allow you to stay focused and have a higher chance of nailing the target.

Go back low and slowly

Before you hit the ball, take the club back low and slowly. When you do this, you are able to ensure that the swing will be flawless.

Relax the shot at the top

With the club midway through its journey to hit the ball, keep it relaxed at the top, so that it can come down though the trajectory that you already created. Additional force is unnecessary at this juncture.

Do not hit, just swing

A lot of players hit the ball instead of allowing the swing generated to take the ball into the air. For a proper transition, do not whack the ball, but let the swing do the work for you.


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    Peter C.

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