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Golf Flexibility Exercises For Beginners And Professionals

One aspect many successful golfers have is good flexibility. It is key when creating powerful swings. It also plays a role in creating good rotation of hips and shoulders. While this is an important element of performing well on the course, it is something golfers of all play levels should strive to improve. There are many exercises designed to help improve flexibility of certain parts of the body. Golfers can learn about such exercises and choose options suitable for their needs while being able to complete them successfully.

Why Being Flexible is Important

To help find suitable exercises to improve flexibility it is important to understand the need. Being flexible on the course can reduce injury risk and improve performance. Practice with the right exercises promotes fluid movements and better swing action. These components work together along with your setup and play strategy. Overtime certain plays are easier to complete and you can see and feel a difference that is positive.

Adopt Simple Stretches to Warm Up with

Flexibility also includes warming up your muscles. It is suggested to warm up for a few minutes before playing a round of golf. Yet, there are exercises that encourage good flexibility you can do when warming up. Warming up helps get muscles moving while removing tension. You can do simple warm up exercises such as walking for 10 to 15 minutes, or doing a similar activity. When doing stretches, work to hold them for about 30 seconds. Do stretches in sets and keep it gentle to avoid injury or pulling muscles.

Types of Stretches to Encourage Positive Flexibility

There are so many types of stretches and exercises that promote healthy flexibility, you are sure to find a few you can do on a regular basis. Start off with something simple and work your way up to something more advanced. For stretches think about exercises that will help to stretch your back, quadriceps, hamstrings, hip muscles, wrists, shoulders, and core muscles. Other forms of exercising that promote flexibility include spinal rotations, window washers, dumbbell row rotation, and front and side leg swings. Many admit they are not a fan of exercising, but if you want to see better results on the golf course it is worth looking into to. There are exercises you can do for about 10 to 15 minutes a few days a week and it can be enough to see and feel a difference.


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