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Interesting Hints On Golf Biomechanics That May Come In Handy

Bio-mechanics in golf is a concept that deals with movement of your body, when you make your golf shots. With proper bio-mechanics, you can hit your ball accurately and far. With a little knowledge on how to enhance your movement you can score well and become more adept at the game.

Furthermore, you will know how to reduce potential injuries, when you learn about the pattern of movements and the stress the movements put on your joints. Here are a few interesting hints on biomechanics, which may give you an upper hand in the game.

  • Swing plane should be taken into account. Try to have a smooth swing and replicate the swing arc with all your swings.
  • Balance is vital for a good game. To improve your balance, make sure your feet are placed at a distance not more than shoulder width. Let your arms hang down comfortably, when you setup the ball. In short, do not reach for the golf ball and avoid keeping your arms near to your body.
  • Maintain a rhythm for your swing and this should be done for all the clubs you use. A fast swing lets your ball travel more. But too fast a swing can upset your balance and spoil the shot.
  • Your swing depends on how you position your core body. The balanced working of your body also helps in better biomechanics. Focus on improving the position of your wrists, hips, arms and shoulders. Your core body and parts of the body should be coordinated well to get a good swing.
  • A good body shape improves biomechanics greatly. To be in fit form, exercise and tone your muscles. Focus on building strength and flexibility. Before you begin to play, do warm up exercises. The stretching movements will improve your swing remarkably.
  • You can find training and teaching aids on biomechanics in golf. These tools help you to practice on your movements and make you swing better. When you study the movements carefully and adhere to them, when you play your game will certainly become better.

When you make a practice of adhering to golf biomechanics, you will use the same movement in all your swings.This will increase consistency of your strikes and accuracy too. You can hit your ball straight, when you use the same pattern and power. Full irons will get the ball to similar distance each time you hit. This is how professionals are so successful at the game.


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