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Basic Golf Tips For Hitting A Long Bunker Shot

Sand traps or bunkers can be found in any golf course. They are a staple of greens and can’t be avoided. They can spoil your shots and decrease your scores. Various golf players fear bunkers, since they do not know how to tackle them and how to play their shots wisely over them. They employ incorrect swing paths, with erratic set ups and wrong ball position.

In order to become a golf expert, it is important to know how to play your best shot in the presence of traps and bunkers. This article teaches you how to hit a long bunker shot effectively and effortlessly.

The first and foremost thing that you should have while playing a long bunker shot is confidence. Although it is necessary for any kind of golf shot, it is more crucial in long bunker shots. This confidence can only be gained when you follow the right technique of hitting a long bunker shot past the greenside traps. Here’s how you can play such a shot like a pro.

Tips for hitting a long bunker shot

  1. Take your favorite bunker cues. And, if the distance is more than 15 to 20 yards between the course and you, then pick a 9-iron, instead of the regular sand wedges. 9-iron will aid you in moving the sand quickly at a far range.
  2. Make your body move flexibly. Move it an extra bit as opposed to regular golf shots. While playing a long bunker shot, turn your body with a full backswing. Do not dig in your feet at one place or stand upright.
  3. Square the club head for most of the part. Do not keep the club face open through impact like you do in a greenside bunker swing. Just slightly open the club head while addressing. Swing completely and release after contact.
  4. Maintain a narrow posture by keeping your feet together and digging them marginally in the sand. This helps in producing a flat divot, while the golf ball approaches the target faster.
  5. Completely finish your swing by constantly moving your arms, body and club.
  6. Make sure that your feet are grounded. Properly heel down, as the long bunker shot does not maintain a solid posture. Do not turn on your right toe as you can lose your balance.

These tips will help you use the right technique of hitting long bunker shots, thus boosting up your confidence. Remember that stability and balance are the two crucial things for striking an effective long bunker shot.


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    Peter C.

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