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Five Great Facts About Millennium Golf Club In Vilamoura

Once avid golfers visit the city of Vilamoura in Algarve they won’t think of any other golf destination again. Vilamoura is, without a doubt, the most popular golf destination in Portugal. It houses many fantastic courses that have received praise and patronage of the best golf players.

Your visit to Vilamoura is incomplete without a round or two on the Oceanico Millennium Golf Course. The more you know about the Millennium Course the more you’ll want to play. So, here are five great facts about this course everyone should know.

  1. At first glance, the Millennium is like any other conventional course. But, on deeper inspection, you’ll come to know that it is a blend of two sets of nine holes. To design this masterpiece, famous architects from the United Kingdom, Hawtree and Sons were hired. They were given specific instructions to create the best golf holiday course that everyone can enjoy.

  2. The Millennium Golf Course was opened to the public in 2000. Interestingly, to create the course the architects had to design a new set of 9 holes and combined it with a restructured and modified set of holes that originally belonged to the Laguna Course. So, when you’re playing on the Millennium Course, keep in mind that half of the holes were earlier part of a different course. The nine holes that belonged to the Laguna Course were completely restructured; the bunkers, greens, and the tees were rebuilt. To make the new course golfer friendly, layouts of some of the old holes were also changed.

  3. The Millennium Golf Course is one of the most beautiful places to play golf. The warm and pleasant countryside with plenty of pinewoods will surely distract you from focusing on the game. One of the toughest challenges golfers face here is to stay focused on the game and not get distracted by the gorgeous setting.

  4. Although the Millennium Course is fairly open, sections of it are populated by pine trees. The more wooded part of the course (Holes 3 to 7) is characterized by narrow fairways. Players are advised not to become complacent. Different sections of the course pose a different challenge. Players have to be on top of their game to achieve a good score. Players need to be very accurate playing on hole-8 and hole-9 (both have water hazards) and hole-4, -17, and -18 (which have lakes).

  5. The Oceanico Millennium is the most preferred golf course in Algarve. The course is fully booked and most crowded in May and is least crowded in the month of January.


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