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Five Golf Accessories For Players Who Want To Impress The Opponents

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Unlike other sports that require a minimum amount of gear (running for example) golf has always been a sport where players could accessorize. Golf companies and the professional players they pay to promote their products, never tire of finding new and innovative ways of impressing us with the latest accessories. Since a Scottish Shepherd first picked up a stick and three putted, golfers have always wanted to impress their opponents. On first tees throughout the land on Saturday mornings you will see players peeking in each others bags and saying: "Is that a new driver? When did you get it?"

This article will list five golf accessories that will have your playing partners asking you where you got them from and how much they cost:

  1. Spikeless Shoes
  2. Golf shoes that chew up the putting greens are a thing of the past. Spikes are so 2010. Now you can wear golf shoes that look so casual that you could wear them to a formal dinner after the round and nobody would notice. Well they would notice, but only to compliment you and ask where you bought them.

  3. An Animal Themed Head Cover
  4. Nothing brings a bit of humor to your golf more than a head cover for your driver that reminds you how much you love lions or geese. Why should it only be children who have fluffy toys?

  5. No Resistance Tee Pegs
  6. If you were to look at a slow motion film of a golf club hitting a ball, you would see that the player invariably catches a part of the tee peg at impact. No Resistance Tee Pegs are designed so that club head can crush the ball and not get slowed down by the head of the tee.

  7. A Golf Belt
  8. If you have the waistline for it, a belt with a one iron for a buckle can look very fashionable. Since nobody uses a 1-iron any more, wearing one around your waist maybe the only time you see one on the course.

  9. A Broomstick
  10. While this won't impress your opponents, it will save your £800 set of irons from snapping while you travel. Airlines are notorious for throwing luggage around when loading the hold of a plane, so placing a broom handle in your back will reinforce the golf bag you checked and help you avoid having broken club heads.


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