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A List Of Easy But Helpful Golf Drills Or Tips For Beginners

Golfers new to the game may be anxious to get started. While golf may seem like an easy sport it has its challenges. Newbies can get overwhelmed and confused about what they should be doing. Fortunately, there are drills and tips to help beginners learn their element in the game. Starting off small and working your way up develops personal skills while learning strengths and weaknesses. Here is a list of tips and ideas for beginners to consider when ready to play on the golf course.

  • Work on having good posture. This aspect is important since it helps players establish control of the play. There are videos, photo tutorials, and other sources providing different perspectives on posture. You can practice this daily at home or at work.

  • Know elements of solid stance including good balance with legs spread wide. Your golf stance is what helps you approach and setup for the shot. This is the position your body gets into right before you hit the ball. Your legs are spread just a bit with good grip on your iron as you get ready to swing. Your stance may vary depending on how far the ball will be hit.

  • Work to establish good alignment. Poor alignment is common among newbies and it is a reason why many shots are missed. Alignment has to do with your body position behind the ball and how it is lined up with your target.

  • Establish a good grip. This can easily be established by holding the club properly in your hands. There are different ways to grip a golf club. Practice each option and consider which is best for good swing development and distance control.

  • Know when your downswing should start (at the hips). When you complete your downswing remember to start coming down with your club at the hips for maximum strength. This element also makes it easier to follow through.

  • Practice with loft by using a short club. This works to encourage better posture while creating better contact with the ball. The movement is creating a smoother upward motion. You can practice with a long club to really feel the difference.

  • Find video tutorials and take lessons to continue building skills. There are great videos online with drills and practice tips for beginners. You can get an idea of where to start and what to focus on developing as a golfer.


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