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Advice on Driving Ball Position none of Golf Players Can Disregard

While playing golf, many golfers do not pay attention to the position of the ball. They might keep it too forward or may stand too far from it. While they may think that this is a powerful position, but it gives rise to some bad aspects of the game. Forward position of the ball shifts your shoulders open in reference to your target, and this gives birth to a swing that goes out to in or a slice. If you stand too far from your golf ball, it pulls your upper body weight downward, which leads to a stand up movement through the impact. This is also a major cause of slice.

There are several methods to adjust the position of your golf ball. Let us observe them one by one.

Method 1

Place the tee just inside the left heel. If you have a shorter club, you should take a narrower stance, placing your ball almost in center in relation to your body. To have correct distance from the golf ball, the butt of your club grip should be six inches away from the body. You can check your position by moving one foot on your right and taking the right hand off your grip. You should not have to reach to put the hand back on grip if the position is correct.

Method 2- feet together

  • Your feet must be held together if you want to maintain consistency with your ball position. This will enable you to move the feet at almost same distance all the time and you can be consistent with the ball position.
  • Now place the ball between the toes. The starting point should be same every time.
  • Notice the logo on your golf T-shirt. It is always on your left. Place the ball in line with this logo for a full swing shot. This position of the ball is good for all kinds of golf clubs.
  • Move your left foot such that the inner side of your foot is aligned with the armpit. This will make your ball in line with the logo.
  • Though the left foot moves same distance every time, the distance covered by right foot may change.
  • The longer club you have, the wider stance you need to take. The driver stance should have the inner side of the feet aligned with the outer side of the shoulders.
  • The position of the ball must be more in the direction of the left foot so that you can take a sweeping motion with your driver.


  • No more hesitation on where to go next time I want to play golf. I plan my vacations with the stone-like confidence that I go to the best golf link possible. Thanks for teaching me the art of the right choices!

    Peter C.

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