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Great Golf Shaft Tipping Instructions To Surprise You

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A golf club is as important to a golfer as a knife is to a chef, or a car to a race car driver. Get the shafts correct in your clubs and you could chop 10 strokes off of your handicap. Get the shaft wrong and you might end up snapping them over your knee in frustration. Shafts in golf clubs come in graphite and steel. Usually the iron clubs are fitted with steel shafts and the woods with graphite. Graphite shafts are generally easier for beginner players while expert players prefer to play with steel shafts.

Flex for beginner golfers

Flex is the most important element of a club shaft. A shaft with a lot of flex will hit the ball higher in the air, because the bend in the shaft will allow the clubhead to pass the grip and "help" the ball into the air. A shaft with a lot of flex will also reduce a slice and produce more of a hook shot. This happens for the same reasons as above - the shaft will flex at impact allowing the clubhead to overtake the hands and turn over, producing a draw. Both of these are useful for beginner players because they struggle with getting the ball in the air and their bad shot is usually a slice. Graphite shafts are also lighter than steel shafts so junior players and lady golfers, who don't have the same upper body strength as men, will benefit more from graphite shafts.

Flex for advanced golfers

Expert players have the opposite problems. Players with low handicaps hit the ball high so their shots are affected by the wind. The priority for good players is keeping the ball down. A good player’s bad shot is usually a hook, so they need a stiffer shaft. This is why professional players are partial to steel shafts with little or no flex.

Next steps

  1. Take a close look at the shafts of your clubs. You will usually see a sticker on the shaft with “S400” or “R400”. “R” refers to regular flex in this case. This will give an idea of what kind of shaft you are playing with.
  2. Get yourself tested at a club fitting facility. A good fitter will measure your swing speed, ball speed, angle of attack, launch angle, spin rate, etc. and will be able to tell you exactly what shaft you should be using, both for your irons and the driver.


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