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Golf In Vilamoura: Green Fees And Other Important Things

Priorities First

All golfers who visit Vilamoura to play have one thing on their mind: green fees. They want to play the best courses for the lowest green fees. Golfers visiting the Algarve want to play as many rounds as possible while spending as little money as possible. To help with this aim, the following article will deal with the topic of green fees in Vilamoura.

Getting around

Many courses will include a buggy in the price of the green fees. A buggy is essential in Algarve golf because of the heat. Many brave souls will play without a buggy and opt to walk the eighteen holes but they need to have great cardiovascular fitness and have applied lots of sunscreen to survive. Unless you are blessed with the VO2 Max of an ultra marathon runner and type 5 skin, a golf cart with a gallon of water in the back is a must.

The Four Seasons

Here are the cheapest and most expensive months in the Algarve when it comes to green fees:

  1. May, September, October are the most expensive. This is due to the weather being the best during these periods: cooler than during the summer months but not as much rainfall as in December and January.

  2. December: many courses will do their maintenance work during this month so you can get very cheap green fees but you might have to put with greens being dug up, temporary tees and greens, building of new hotels and apartments alongside the fairways, etc.

  3. June & July: you would expect to be really busy but because this period is the peak of the Algarve summer, many people will avoid the courses during these months as they can't stand the heat.

  4. March and November are the in-between months. They are not as busy as in peak season. However they are at the beginning and tail end of the busy times. You can get some great green fees during these months.

An extra tip is to keep an eye out for twilight and early bird discounts on green fees. While the midday sun can be insufferable during June and July, if you get out early in the morning or late in the evening you can enjoy your eighteen holes when they heat is gone from the day.

Finally, keep an eye out for group discounts. Also, many courses in Vilamoura offer bulk rates where you play 36 holes, 54 or 72 holes for a discount.


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