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Curing Golf Slice: Tried And Tested Methods

Do you frequently slice the ball? If yes, then you’re not alone. Hitting a golf slice is a common problem, and no golfer can say he/she hasn’t sliced the ball ever. Instead of trying to ignore the problem, which you can’t, you have to find a solution to the golf slice. Luckily, in this article, we’re to share with you effective methods to cure the golf slice.

Method #1

A technique that’s effective for one part of the swing can harm the other. What are we talking about? While attempting the backswing, golfers are advised to keep their left arm straight. Following this advice will help players hit a powerful swing. Some players accidently maintain the same straight left arm even during the impact and follow-through.

Having a straight left arm at impact and after will prevent the right arm from rotating. This will result in an open club face, instead of a square one. You can predict the outcome of such a swing. Yes, the ball will fly to the right, because of the slice shot.

The reason for the slice is plain and clear – you’re keeping a straight left arm, instead of folding it, during the follow-through. To rectify the mistake follow this easy drill. Get ready to play a golf shot. Use only the left hand to grip the club. Now, play a golf shot only with the left hand. At the end of the follow-through finish the swing with the left hand higher than the elbow and the left thumb pointing towards the sky. Practice this drill 5 times in a row and right away play a two hand golf shot.

Method #2

One of the reasons you’re slicing the ball often might be that the club is going too far behind you. And, because of this, you might be taking the club out of the target line on the downswing. The club needs to stay within the ideal swing zone to prevent slice or any other error.

Stay within the ideal swing zone by following this simple swing drill. Get ready to play a golf shot. Now, attempt a backswing without a club with just the left hand. The left hand must go across the chest and meet the right shoulder. Now, do the same with the right hand. It should pass the chest and intersect the left shoulder. Observe your current position; this resembles the ideal swing zone. To avoid the golf slice the backswing and the follow-through mustn’t cross the ideal swing zone.


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