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7 Things To Expect From The Vila Sol Golf Course

Situated in the stunning region of the Algarve lies one of the most sought after golf resorts in Europe: Vila Sol. This 72-stroke course offers plenty of birdie opportunities for seasoned golfers. Here are a few things to bear in mind when teeing off in this challenging, yet picturesque destination.

Prime Facilities

There is little doubt golfers are here for the course, but a wide selection of facilities certainly complements the experience. Expect a state-of-the-art 300-meter driving range, as well as putting greens to help you warm up. The course sits within a 5-star resort offering plenty of dining and light snack options for players looking to refuel after a game.

Natural Haven

Designed by former pro golfer Donald Steed, every care was taken to make sure the region’s pine, fig, almond trees and wildlife were preserved. The gorgeous landscape is a sight for the eyes, but guarantees to test even the most experienced of golfers. You might also be in for a bumpy ride on the buggies, as there are no concrete paths built through the terrain.

Hit It Hard And Hit It Long

You have to be straight and accurate to make it through the long and narrow fairways. Beginners may find themselves intimidated by the first holes. Right off the bat you will face 3 long par 4s and the chances to bogey are high. Water hazards are few on all 27 holes.

Pricey Green Fees

Competition is fierce among courses in Algarve. Golfers from all over the world fly out to experience Steed’s layout. Be prepared to shell out up to 135 Euros for a round of 18 in March and October, during its premium Season.

Small And Quick Greens

There is very little room for error. Greens are known to be small and fast so precision is key. Watch out for uphill slopes, make sure to approach with care and bring along your best putter game.

Work On Your Chips

Wayward shots plague even the pros, and the course’s dense vegetation will be the most trying hazard. Find your straightest line to the fairway, tighten your grip and chip your way back to the game.

Mix It Up

Vila Sol is a 27 hole course. That means plenty of opportunities for variation. Golfers can shake up routine and alternate between the three 9’s: Prime, Challenge and Prestige. Prime is regarded as one of the most testing rounds in the region, defined by tough fairways. Prestige adds another layer of difficulty through sloping greens. Try out different combinations to experience the courses to its fullest.


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