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Great Warm-Up Tips On Cold Days For Senior Golf Players

Golf in the cold weather is a challenge even for young players, let alone seniors. Senior golf players who love this sport usually don’t let something as minor as cold weather spoil the fun and unlimited joy that golf gives them. We don’t want cold weather to bother senior golfers, so today we share a few warm-up tips that can help seniors keep the cold weather at bay.

Drink hot chocolate or herbal tea

Drinking hot chocolate, herbal tea, or any hot beverage without caffeine can instantly warm-up the body. It also helps to keep the body warm for a long time. If you’re carrying the beverage in a thermos flask, you can use it to warm-up your hands.

Do stretching exercise before you visit the course

Stretching on the course helps, but what helps more is having a minor workout at home. There are plenty of home warm-up exercises that’ll relax the muscles and keep them warm. Search online to learn about stretching exercises for senior golf players. Make it a habit of doing warm-up stretching before driving to the course.

Use cart gloves instead of winter gloves

Most senior golf players prefer to use cart gloves instead of winter gloves. It’s a warmer and much more comfortable option. Those who aren’t comfortable playing with cart gloves can remove them while playing a shot.

Wear warm clothes

The easiest way to stay warm and prevent cold weather from sucking the body heat is by wearing warm clothes. For golfers, warm clothing includes cap, socks, shoes, gloves, shirts, and pants. There are many brands in the market that make special winter or cold weather clothes for women golf players.

Walk on the golf course

For senior golf players, the golf cart is the default choice to move around the course. But, instead of the cart, you can walk to relax the muscles and stay warm. Even a slow walk can stretch muscles, increase blood circulation, and increase body temperature.

Toe touch exercise

You would have done the toe touch exercise in school. This is one of the simplest and most useful exercises to increase blood flow in the body. Stand with your arms stretched on the sides. There should be shoulder width gap between the feet. Now, bend at the hips and touch the toes of the left feet with your right hand. Get back to the neutral position and do the reverse. Repeat this drill 25 times.

Arm circles exercise

In the standing position, extend both arms forward. Bend the elbows and bring the hands closer to the chest. With your hands make small circles. First in the clockwise direction; after 25-50 rotations, change to the anti-clockwise direction.


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