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Golf Instruction: 7 Driving Errors That Can Ruin Your Game

A lot of golfers find it easy enough to perfect their iron and wedge play, but many of them struggle with their drive. Mastering your drive will not only give you a distance advantage early in on in each hole, but it will also perfect your accuracy. Here are seven major mistakes in driving made by golfers.

  1. Standing too close to the ball
  2. Golfers who lack distance in their drives often stand too close to the ball at address. A drive should not focus as much on control as it should on power. Therefore, stand a good distance away from the ball to get a wider backswing on your drive; thereby hitting the ball further.

  3. Hitting too hard
  4. Because of the above technique, it isn’t necessary to smack the ball as hard as you can. If you focus on a far backswing and a good follow through, you will gain the distance you need.

  5. Pulling back too fast
  6. If you yank your club back in an aggressive way, you will compromise your control on the swing. This may send the ball in a sideward direction and will almost certainly deliver poor distance and poor height.

  7. Straightening the knees
  8. In an attempt to gain height on your drive, you may be straightening your bent knees just before the ball is connected. This comes from too much emphasis on the legs and not enough on the flexibility of the shoulders and waist.

  9. Making a round swing
  10. Your drive must be straight. If the club swerves too much to the inside or the outside, the shot will not carry much accuracy. Concentrate as hard as you can on bringing the club up and down again in as straight a line as possible.

  11. Lifting the head
  12. Has your golf instructor told you about this one yet? It’s a common error that many professionals still make. Keep your head down for about a second after the ball has lifted off the tee. You cannot expect to be accurate if your head is not glued to the ball during the entire swing.

  13. Swerving instead of turning
  14. This is a similar problem to #4. If you focus too much on your lower body and not enough on your upper body, your driver head will meet the ball in the wrong place and send it soaring wayward. Instead of swerving with your hips, turn with your torso.


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