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A Simple Formula For An Amazing Golf Vacation In Santa Cruz

For years you’ve discussed a golf vacation to Santa Cruz with your family or friends. The needs and wishes of each member of the group are different and this has been delaying your trip for some time. Nothing should prevent you from having an amazing golf vacation; having a simple formula or plan for Santa Cruz trip can remove all the obstacles from the way and reduce unhappy surprises during your vacation.

So, here are the elements of the formula:

  • No doubt each person has a different way of doing things, but when planning a vacation to Santa Cruz as a group, it’s best to have one person responsible for executing things. Appointing a person doesn’t mean he/she gets to decide everything; the person in charge can get inputs and solicit ideas, evolve consensuses and then act on it.
  • Next, is to decide the golf courses in Santa Cruz to play. Golf is the pivot around which the whole vacation is planned, so where you play impacts other elements of the trip. Santa Cruz boasts some fine golf grounds – The Clube de Golf do Santo de Serra, Palheiro Golf Course, and Casa Velha Do Palheiro are just some of the well known courses that golf holiday makers love to play on.
  • Discuss and decide on the budget for your trip. Settle on a budget that every member of your group is comfortable, without sacrificing on luxury and fun that are two essentials of an amazing vacation. If time and budget is not on your side, the easier course to take is to use the services of a tour operator. Employing a tour operator would considerably remove the burden off your shoulders, but even in this case you’ve to set initial parameters to prevent conflict and surprises later.
  • Another element to consider is the accommodation options available in Santa Cruz. Being a famous golf destination that’s also an ideal place for beach holiday, there is no dearth of luxury resorts and hotels here. Apart from resorts and hotels, there are many hidden gems in the form of small rental apartments, villas, and village holiday homes that are best suited for family and small group golf vacations.
  • Consider your travel and transportation arrangements. How you are going to get there, the distance between the hotel and golf course, and between the multiple courses you want to play.

That’s it, you’ve done all you can; you’ve planned every detail of your vacation to avoid any last minute surprises, which is the key to having an amazing golf vacation. All you’ve to do now is relax and enjoy the golf trip.


  • No more hesitation on where to go next time I want to play golf. I plan my vacations with the stone-like confidence that I go to the best golf link possible. Thanks for teaching me the art of the right choices!

    Peter C.

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