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5 Simple Golf Warm Up Exercises You Need To Try Out

If you are a pro golfer or an amateur player, warming up before the game is a must. The first few things that you must do before you reach the course are: stretch, rehearse putting for half an hour, warm up hitting till 35 minutes, and then chip, pitch, and smash sand shots for at least 10 minutes, and putt again for half an hour, and then you can finally reach the tee. But, most golfers just get out of their car, sway a few practice shots and reach the tee. And then, most of them wonder why they do not feel their body warmed up till they reach the third hole. The best way to get your body ready for golf is with constant dynamic stretches. You can go through the following exercises to warm up your body:

  • Tilting standing pelvic
  • Start in the position of address, and keep your arms crossed over your chest. Your pelvis is tucked under, and a posterior tilt is created. Then, you have to arch your back so that an anterior tilt of your pelvis is created and then, you can come back to your natural spine. Do this exercise for five minutes in every direction.

  • Speed trunk rotation
  • Stand in your position of address and get the palms together. While you rotate from your core, inhale and get your right arm back. While you “clap’ your hands, exhale from the core. Repeat this exercise for 10 times in different directions. Remaining in your position of address, expand your arms to the height of your shoulder and rotate from your core. Go over this exercise 10 times again.

  • Hip stretch while standing
  • Start by positioning the hands on a golf club or a chair for support with balance. Put your right ankle on the outer side of your left knee. While you bend the left knee, inhale deeply and try to sit back as if you would sit on a chair. Bring your chest in the direction of shin, and roll your shoulder blades simultaneously. Cling for three breaths do it again for five times. Then, switch sides and do it again.

  • Club on your back and shoulder stretch
  • Take a towel or a club in the right hand and your palm should be in the direction of the ceiling. Bring about your right over the head travelling behind the back. Now, bring the left arm in the similar manner behind the back and cling on to the towel or club. Inhale while you gently pull the towel, then exhale and finally release. Do it for five times more and then change sides.

  • Neck stretch
  • Move the right ear to the right shoulder. While you push the left arm in the direction of the floor, inhale deeply, then exhale and let your left arm relax. Do it again slowly for five times and take back your neck and head to the neutral position. Switch sides.


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    Peter C.

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