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The Essentials Of Golf: 5 Quick Ball Position Tips

There are some basics that everyone hoping to enjoy golf and improve their handicaps should learn. Certainly everyone is different and their swings likewise but it would be foolish not to master the components of alignment, stance and hitting the ball. Golf club manufacturers spend an enormous amount on research and development to produce drivers with a good sweet spot, fairway woods and utility clubs that are sympathetic to their owners’ failings, irons that come matched with different lofts and shaft lengths, and of course putters, in many ways the most important club in the bag.

The ideal position of the ball in the stance varies by the club:

  • Driver. This is the club with the least loft in the bag. The ball should be swept away down the fairway off a high tee with the ball just inside the front foot.
  • Long irons and fairway woods. The lofts will vary from 12 degrees for a three wood to over 20 degrees for seven wood or 4 iron. Ideally the ball should be just forward of centre.
  • Mid irons. Perhaps the ball should be just a little bit further back but still slightly forward of centre.
  • Short irons and putters. The ball should be in the mid-point of the stance directly below the golfer’s head.

These positions all assume that the terrain is flat. However many courses have undulating terrain so that the ball is in a less than ideal position. The body has to adjust to the angle of the slope, uphill or downhill. The stance is not the only adjustment that is necessary. The ball position changes. If you are facing an uphill shot the ball goes forward in the stance, often with a longer iron that you would otherwise take for the distance to the target. If the slope is downhill, the reverse applies, shorter iron and ball towards the back.

Every golfer should practice to improve their game. Driving ranges and practice grounds are available for those that have the time and commitment to put the effort it. Certainly drivers are fairly flat-faced and understanding how to hit a driver and getting used to the club will give the distance off the tee that you will need. Likewise playing shots, upslope and downslope, comes better with practice.

Golf is a game that gives great satisfaction but also it can be frustrating at times. Every little piece of advice helps and positioning the ball properly for each club is a handy tip to remember.


  • No more hesitation on where to go next time I want to play golf. I plan my vacations with the stone-like confidence that I go to the best golf link possible. Thanks for teaching me the art of the right choices!

    Peter C.

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