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Ten Most Effective Neck And Shoulder Exercises For Golfers

When you analyze the golf shot, you’ll notice that the shoulder and neck muscles are vital to hitting accurate and powerful swings. These two regions are highly prone to injuries because of the neck position and powerful swing that golfers play. To avoid injuries and to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles here is a list of exercises.

Neck Tilt Exercise

Begin the neck tilt exercise by standing upright with hands on the sides. Next, place the right hand over the head, the palm touching the hair. Hold the head with the right hand and title the head towards the right. The title should not be more than 45 degrees. Once the head is tilted to the side, hold the position for 5 seconds and return to neutral. Repeat the same drill with the left hand.

Forward Neck Exercise

The forward neck exercise is similar to the workout mentioned above. For this one, stand straight and keep the hands on the sides. Bend the head forward until the chin touches the neck or upper chest region. After 2-3 seconds slowly lift the head back to the normal position. Repeat this drill 5-10 times to complete a set.

Neck Turn Exercise

The best way to do this exercise is in a sitting position. Sit straight and turn your head to the right side, as far as you can. Hold the position for 10 seconds and return to neutral position. Now, turn the head to the left side and go back to neutral. Repeat the exercise 10 times to complete a set.

Cervical Retraction Exercise

The cervical retraction exercise is ideal to improve the neck flexibility. Stand or sit upright and keep the chin parallel to the floor. Look straight. Now, produce a double chin by tucking in the chin. Hold it for 2 seconds and go back to normal. Repeat this exercise 20-25 times to complete a set.

Exercising the Sternocleidomastoid Muscle

You can do this exercise either in a standing or sitting position. Keep the upper body in a good posture. Tilt your head back and to the right side. It must look like you’re looking at the sky and gazing the stars. Hold this position for 10 seconds and go back to the neutral position. Repeat the same routine and tilt the head back and to the left side. Doing this exercise 10 times per workout session will stretch the Sternocleidomastoid muscle.

Shoulder Rotation Stretch Exercise

Sit in a chair, near a table. Place the forearm on the table; the forearm must be parallel to the ground. Now, bend the upper body forward till you feel the shoulder muscles stretch. After 20-30 seconds, get back to the normal position. Repeat this drill with the other hand as well.

Cross Shoulder Stretch Exercise

Start by standing with your feet shoulder length apart. Extend both the arms out, in front; the palms must face each other. Use the right hand to hold the left arm, just behind the elbow. Pull the left arm towards the right shoulder. Once it’s near the right shoulder, hold it there for 10 seconds. You’ll feel the muscles in the left shoulder area stretching. Return to the neutral position. Follow the same routine to stretch the right shoulder.

The Knot Stretch Exercise

The knot stretch can be done standing against a wall or with the stomach facing down, on the bed or table. Lay down in a prone position. Next, cross both your arms across the chest. Initially, the right arm must be closer to the chin. Hold this position for 30 seconds and change the position of the arms.

Wall Angels Stretch Exercise

Stand with your back touching a wall. Assume the surrender stance; the arms must make an L shape, with the fingers facing upwards. Now, keep the upper arm static and slowly bring the lower arm down, until the palms touch the wall and the fingers facing the floor. After a few seconds, take the arms to the normal position. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

Shoulder Turn Exercise

You’ll have to use an exercise band for this workout. Assume a normal golf stance. With the right foot, hold down one end of the band and grip the other end with your hands. Consider the band which you’re holding as the golf club grip. Now, attempt a golf swing. You’ll feel the shoulder muscles stretching. Repeat the shoulder turn exercise 10-15 times.


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