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Learn about your equipment

  • Becoming familiar with your equipment will also put you at an advantage and help you to conquer any golf course.

  • Did you recently add a new club to your golf bag? Learn how it works and become comfortable with using it. Know what you can and cannot do with certain clubs. Practicing will also help you in this regard.

  • If you know that you are not particularly good with a certain type of club, don’t brush that fact under the carpet. Practice with it as much as you can until you figure it out.

  • If you still aren’t gaining confidence, consider replacing the club with another one you’re more comfortable with. Otherwise seek professional advice from a trainer.

5 tricks that will help you

When you come to a golf course, it’s you against the elements it presents. So how can you ensure victory every time? More importantly, how can you beat your opponents on a particular golf course and make a habit of doing so? Here are five ways to command the golf course and obtain better results after every challenge.

Strategy before skill

Studying the golf course you intend playing is more important than simply polishing up on your technique. Each golf course has a map, and each map will give you an indication of how your strategy should unfold during play. Blogs can also help. They can give you insight into the subtleties of a golf course that a map cannot. Learn from someone who has already studied the course, or better yet, played it. Therefore, take the time before you play to study the course and plan your strategy.

Well-rounded technique

If you are good at one skill and poor at another, your golf game will always suffer. It’s far better to be an average player in all areas, than a good player in only one or two areas. If you can drive well but can’t chip properly, you will rarely win games. Perhaps you are really good at getting the ball out of a bunker; but how’s your putting? When practicing, be sure to give all your techniques equal attention.

Play against people who are better than you

It may make you squeamish to hear this, but the best way to become better at golf is to lose games. Losing teaches you where your weaknesses are and allows you to work on them. Playing with golfers who are better than you also gives you the opportunity to watch them and learn from their techniques. So if you want to win, you must be prepared to lose every once in a while.

Get familiar with a particular golf course

Another sure way to conquer a golf course and beat your opponents is to play the course beforehand. Pay it a visit and play the course solo in an effort to discover the tricky spots. Make a conscious effort to overcome difficult areas and if you find yourself struggling with a particular shot, be sure to work on it afterwards. This is an often neglected practice. Chances are your opponents will not do this. They also won’t be expecting you to do it. That's all the more reason to make a habit of visiting a golf course before you play a match.

Implement these points slowly into your general play. You will soon start seeing an improvement in your game and so will everyone else. Take it slow, be methodical, and be intelligent about each one. Slow and sure is often better than implementing everything at once.

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